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Get Ready to
Rock Your World

Helping my clients fight through their own struggles and hard workouts is my life’s work, and I’ve found that there’s no excuse that I can’t help them overcome.

Crush your goals
with Breeze Kenny

I’ve made it my mission to help my clients achieve things they never thought possible.


Success Stories

Breeze is the best thing to happen to new Moms! I gained nearly 50 pounds during pregnancy. Working with Breeze not only gave me the confidence to feel comfortable in my new body ... but encouraged me to loose weight, get strong, and have the confidence to make healthy choices!

— Kjerstin Bell

Breeze Kenny is an essential part of my health team....As I am a frequent traveler, she has helped me design and maintain healthy habits on the road. I could not imagine succeeding at anything, work or play, without the wellness that working with Breeze brings.

— Scott Brockway

Kris Crocker Testimonial

I like to joke with Breeze that she "saved me", but it's no joke. She really did. I was low on energy, completely unmotivated to workout or eat right, and feeling pretty depressed when I tearfully called her for a meeting. "I've got you, girl", she told me. Read More

— Kris Crocker

Jeff Bell Testimonial

Breeze Kenny is my hero. For the past 6 years, Breeze has successfully managed to keep my mind and body in shape with personalized workouts aimed at my specific fitness goals. Whether I’m training for an Ironman, bike tour or rehabbing a minor injury, Breeze has the experience and wisdom to keep me going. Read More

— Jeff Bell

Breeze Kenny client testimonial Terry Gurno | Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat.

Breeze Kenny is one of the most inspiring and motivating trainers I have ever met. Her knowledge of nutrition and exercise combined with her practical approach to changing your life beginning with your mindset, habits and choices is refreshing and lasting. Read More

— Terry Gurno

Breeze Kenny client testimonial Chelsea Nenno Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat.

Breeze fiercely lives out what she preaches, inspires me, and gives me the resources I need to be successful in reaching my own goals! Because of her enthusiasm for my personal success I have found that I am 100% more apt to do what she asks of me than any trainer, friend or coach I've had in the past. Read More

— Chelsea Nenno

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