40 Minute Stroller Workout

40 Minute Stroller Workout

  • 10 Minute RUN
  • 20 LUNGES
  • 10 Minute RUN
  • 10 Minute RUN
Workout Details:

The Run should be a hard run. Run as hard as you can run for 10 minutes. If you feel like you can do 15 minutes you aren’t running hard enough!

The Lunges should be done while pushing the stroller forward. Here you are forced to out all the work in your quadriceps keeping you from leaning on the stroller tipping your kids back. Yikes! Keep the work in your legs!

The Arm Thrusts should be done slow and while standing still. Widen your grip on the stroller handlebars and push the full stroller back and forth. For an advanced option you can hold a squat while thrusting.

This workout is great because it’s one you can do with your kids! Repeat this routine 4-5 times per week. 

By Breeze Kenny
CPT, ACSM certified
Health Promotion and Wellness

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