5 reasons you aren’t losing the baby weight

5 reasons you aren’t losing the baby weight

I was a personal trainer long before I was a momma.  Now I have the great privilege of understanding my “mommy” clients so well! Today, I train a mother so different than I did in the past.  My successful clients are my living testimonials. All of them would agree losing the baby weight isn’t easy!  If you are a mom, this is why:

  1. You skip breakfast! Your signing homework and looking for that matching shoe. The morning flys by, but eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism for the entire day.
  2. You’re short of sleep! This one is a challenge, but your sleep is vital to a good mood, brain function and healthy decisions throughout your day. HINT: sleep whenever your baby sleeps.
  3. You’re still wearing maternity clothes! Toss the maternity clothes! Don’t have them around. It’s too easy to eat the brownie when your clothes are accommodating extra weight.
  4. Your focus has switched! Hey, I get it and I agree, our babies are our lives! But along with that comes a healthy mom! Give them the mom they deserve! A healthy mom sets the tone for a healthy family.
  5. Everything feels like a workout! An hour stroll through the park can certainly feel like a workout. But… It may not be burning the calories you need to get your goal.  Know this, a 60 minute brisk walk at about a 15 minute/mile pace burns about 245 calories. To lose a pound/week you need to either cut out or burn 500 calories per day.


breeze running with her 2 year old son

To make it all easier on you, I keep an active blog full of motivation, workouts, and easy “save the day” recipes. Take care of yourself and follow all my media channels.

Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat.

Breeze Kenny
Health & Wellness Coach

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