5 Tips to help you get FIRED UP to work out

5 Tips to help you get FIRED UP to work out

When you work out, you aren’t just training your body.  You are training your mind! This ‘Rock It’ list of tips will help you condition your brain to crave workouts! These are the same tools used by professional athletes, who aren’t superhuman, but have a killer mental game.

1. Get Outside

Instantly, direct sunlight boosts your mood! Feeling good during a workout inspires a greater commitment to an exercise program.

2. Find A Buddy

Having someone to workout with not only makes it 100 times more fun, but you are more likely to show up when someone is counting on you.

3. Believe In Your Plan

Whether you write one yourself or hire a coach, you need to believe in your plan. We spend so much less brainpower if we have a prewritten plan made out.  Less brain clutter allows for better focus. Done and Done!

4. Set Mini Goals

Have lots of small, achievable goals to obtain along the journey to your dream goal. You CAN do this!

 5. Think Positive

Thinking positive is a practice. You can’t just show up for yourself once in your workout. You will be challenged again and again.  Know this and practice overcoming your fears and doubts. Practice thinking that you “CAN do it” when your body is feeling tired and vulnerable.



Even I don’t always feel excited to workout. However, I do constantly practice finding the good in things, especially when its working out and taking care of myself.  It is a time-honored practice of mine that I am so happy to share with you.



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