Cinnamon-Apple sauce to GO

Cinnamon-Apple sauce to GO

My kids and I love going to our local Green Bluff Orchards to pick a box of apples along with other fresh farm food.  It is a fall tradition for many families here in Eastern Washington.   It’s so important to get good, nutritious foods in our growing kids, and if they can actually see where that food comes from, it makes an even bigger impression on them.  The apples taste great right off the tree, but I like to make sure that homegrown nutrition continues long after the harvest is over.
So, once we get the apples home, the kids help me wash them, and they watch while I prepare them for applesauce.

Something you’ll love about this Mom hack: you can freeze multiple half full gallon ziplock bags of apples to use later. I also make up as many as 20 fresh squeeze snack packs at a time (I use Infantino Fresh Fashion Squeeze Pouches). My kids choose my homemade and nutrient dense applesauce over the expensive store bought brands every time. It’s an easy win win. It’s an easy thing to prepare ahead of time to have healthy snacks for on the go or in school lunch’s. Involve your kids in your family’s nutrition choices because, as they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

6-8  Organic Apples, Cinnamon, & Mom’s love
1. PEEL, CORE and CUT apples in half.
 apple core and peel
2. Put apples in a sauce pan and add cinnamon to taste. Cook over medium heat, and make sure you keep a little water with the apples, occasionally adding it if needed.

3. As the apples soften, smash them with a slotted spoon or masher until they make a sauce. (approximately 15 minutes).

4. Cool and enjoy!

Apple Sauce To Go:
I use the Infantino Squeeze Station to get this yummy applesauce into to-go Squeeze PouchesInfanto Squeeze Section Breeze Kenny. I get the plain ones because two of my kids are older. They all love these pouches and totally prefer my real applesauce over anything I could buy in the store.



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