Meet Breeze


In my 12 years as a certified personal trainer, I have seen first-hand how the power of exercise, good nutrition and positive thinking can transform lives.  I’ve made it my mission to help my clients achieve things they never thought possible, and now I want to help you.

I’m a northwest girl, born and raised amongst the Ponderosa pines, crystal-clear lakes and bright blue skies of the northern Rocky Mountains, and that is where you’ll find me now.   My gym is most often the tree-lined trails around the 10-acre home I share with my husband Todd and my three kids.  I can turn any playground into a fitness center.

breeze-collageLiving a healthy lifestyle has been a life-long pursuit for me.  In my late teens and early twenties, I was a resident firefighter and yoga instructor.  I earned my bachelor of science in Health Promotion and Wellness from Eastern Washington University, and I’m certified as a personal trainer through American College of Sports Medicine.   It wasn’t until I started having kids that I began to realize how challenging it can be to stick to that healthy life-style when you’re busy managing a family.  I think this understanding helps me be a better trainer.  Helping my clients fight through their own struggles and hard workouts is fulfilling, and I’ve found that there’s no excuse that I can’t help them overcome.

Do you have a fitness question?  Don’t hesitate to e-mail