Breeze’s Mindful Triathlon 01

Breeze’s Mindful Triathlon 01

Mindful Triathalon-8-2Come join me for a mindful triathlon where you will most surely find inner peace, self awareness, power, balance and strength. I will guide you through a full hour workout including a 40 minute cardio of choice, walk/jog/run and 20 minutes of yoga/meditation. Bring your yoga mats, mothers, daughters, and girlfriends. This is for women only.  I can't wait to show you how to Wake Up. Rock It. and Repeat!

The walk/jog/run starts at 6:00 am sharp! I will guide and inspire your soul to ROCK your workout.  (If you think 6:00 am is early, you must know that the experience you are about to participate in can only be found at 6 am!) Promise! 😉

View the map below for directions.


blue-blue triathlon


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