DO’s AND DON’Ts for SAFE prenatal workouts

DO’s AND DON’Ts for SAFE prenatal workouts

As a personal trainer, I worked out and taught yoga classes during all 3 trimesters through every pregnancy. The recommendations are pretty general for healthy women who have been exercising regularly before becoming pregnant. You can continue your current routine, making adjustments as pregnancy progresses, while keeping the following safety guidelines in mind (based off the ACOG recommendations).

If you have any medical conditions, contraindications, or concerns whatsoever, you must speak with your physician and follow their specific recommendations before starting a prenatal workout plan.

I was able to exercise until the time I went into labor with all three of my pregnancies, and I know I felt better as a direct result. I believe it’s always better to play things safe and err on the side of caution – it’s just a few months, there will be plenty of time later to dive back into a serious workout routine!

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