Follow your heart!

Follow your heart!

I use to dread running. Honestly, I didn’t like most cardio unless I was playing a sport!  That was until I was part of a HeartZones Certification Class in Bellevue, Washington.


This certification taught me how unique everyone’s heart training zones are.  Its a fun process of a good cardio workout where I love to find my clients’ zones.  Oh and there are FIVE!!! It’s so SMART! Whether your goal is to have a healthy heart or to train for a triathlon, finding your current training zones WILL get you there!

(The “Oh SO WRONG formula” of 220 minus your age means it’s suggesting your estimated maximum heart rate went down with age.  If you were considerably active for any part of your life, it shouldn’t have gone down steadily.)

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Having an exact cardio assignment helps bring confidence, efficiency and RESULTS!


I highly recommend the Polar brand when using a heart rate monitor. Rei has a great selection of heart rate monitors. I usually tell my clients’ to get the most basic one ranging around $50-$60.


Using a heart-zones training plan is a great way to feel like you have a personal trainer with you every time.


Breeze Kenny


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