Healthy Tips to ROCK your Kid’s Lunch

Healthy Tips to ROCK your Kid’s Lunch

  1. Lots of color! Generally speaking, a variety of colors provide a variety of nutrients. It's an easy way to get them everything they need.
  2. At least one fruit or vegetable! It really has to be a fresh fruit and fresh vegetable for our sweet littles to get what they need to ROCK their school day! They are SO WORTH IT!
  3. Low Sugar! In order to keep our kids alert and focused for their long school day and combat that afternoon crash it is important to keep their lunch sugar intake low.
  4. Everything in sight! A bento box style container allows everything to be visible all at once and ready to eat right at their finger tips.
  5. Small amounts and more variety! A Bento Style Lunch Box bento Breeze Kenny lunchallows appropriate space to portion the food. A whole sandwich can be intimidating to kids, instead try a few bites of many different foods.



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