Is kale worth all the hype?

Is kale worth all the hype?

Everybody is talking about kale.  I’ve never seen a humble vegetable generate so much buzz, and it is definitely worthy of the hype.  A single serving packs a nutrient explosion that our bodies crave.  With no exaggeration at all, kale is one of the healthiest foods in the world.

Kale contains health promoting sulfur compounds, which increase the liver’s ability to produce enzymes that neutralize toxic substances.  This means eating kale helps your body work the way it should.

Just some of many health promoting benefits of kale:

  • heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids
  • dietary fiber
  • folic acid
  • bone building calcium
  • energy producing iron
  • muscle building protein
  • sleep promoting tryptophan

Easy Kale RecipesWith sufficient nutrients your body can take care of you more effeciently when you are choosing a less nutritious option.  Check out for more nutrient info on kale and other whole foods.

Now, Just because it is good for them, doesn’t mean my clients love it.  Recently, I taught a cooking class with the founder of pantry fuel where we made an amazing kale salad.  A huge trick to making a kale salad disappear, is to massage the dressing into the kale.  We used a simple dressing that consisted of only a few ingredients. The main ingredient was all the juice from one orange.  We massaged the dressing into the kale which is an absolute must do to get your picky eaters to eat the kale.  The kale softens into a great softer texture and also absorbs the flavor of the orange which makes it so yummy! My husband and our children cleaned our plates when I prepared it this way.

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A couple quick recipes for kale:

  1. Combine chopped kale, pine nuts, and feta cheese with whole grain pasta drizzled with olive oil.
  2. Chopped kale and apples. Before serving, sprinkle with an olive oil and fresh orange juice dressing and chopped walnuts.


Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat.

Breeze Kenny

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