Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

When it comes to achieving your health goals, its not just about lifting dumbbells and cardio.  We aren’t just training our bodies.  We are also training our mindset.


Before I show up to workout, I check in with myself.  I find my center. My vision of where I’m heading with my workout must be clear.   And it would be SO WONDERFUL if I only had to do this once! Truth is, I have to practice this through-out my ENTIRE workout.  You know those vulnerable points in a set of burpees where your legs feel like they are falling off, your heart is beating out of your chest and you want to stop!! Well that’s when I train my mind to think positive. I repetitively train to keep my vision– my goal.



We think with our entire body. What we say affects how we feel. How we feel affects how we behave. How we behave affects what we achieve.  This is why it’s so important to effectively communicate with our bodies so that we have control over our performance and overall results.  For examples of affirmations and positive mindset intentions, CLICK here.  I Got This.

Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat.


Breeze Kenny

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