Run for the hills!

Run for the hills!

Run for the hills. Burn more calories and release more endorphins. My clients are quickly learning what it is I want them to get from a hill. No sugar coating here, Hills are HARD! But life can be busy, good and HARD! Taking on hills is my favorite way to take on a day.  Especially a busy day!

When you run up a hill:

  1. Keep your head up
  2. Look beyond the top of the hill
  3. Keep your abdominal muscles tight
  4. Practice thinking positive while you keep yourself from stopping
  5. Be SO PROUD OF YOURSELF for making it to the TOP!

That feeling when you are pushing near the top of the hill, that is what I want you to hold on to.  Only YOU can earn that.  Good Job! And that is how I want you to take on your day.


Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat.


Breeze Kenny

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