If you're ready to take your team to the next level, you're in the right place.

A healthy, focused, and inspired group of people can do amazing things. Breeze has created a series of engaging speaking-based programs for a range of organizations looking to help their membership thrive. From sharing stories from my personal collection to providing valuable, applicable key skills - each program will leave attendees with measurable, achievable tasks. If followed, these guidelines will help your people kick their lives into the highest gears - just imagine what that can do for your business, community, and beyond.

Breeze Kenny is a dynamic speaker, who can educate and motivate your employees, friends, or associates to Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat. Breeze's engaging presentation is full of inspirational stories, crucial guidance, and clever life-hacks that will energize any group to:

  • manage their time for healthier living
  • put their health first
  • live a more positive life
  • create a balance between health, work and family
  • get the most out of their demanding lives

No matter your objective, Breeze will ROCK your next event, meeting, conference or program. Breeze can tailor her presentation for your group's needs.

Contact her today for availability, scheduling and to share your tailoring request.