Breeze Kenny client testimonials Kris Crocker Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat.

I like to joke with Breeze that she "saved me", but it's no joke. She really did. I was low on energy, completely unmotivated to workout or eat right, and feeling pretty depressed when I tearfully called her for a meeting. "I've got you, girl", she told me. In a matter of days she had me working out HARD, doing exercises I'd never tried before and leaving the gym blissfully energized and ready to tackle my day. Workouts are PLAY TIME with Breeze. It didn't take long before my weight was back on track, but much more importantly, I felt GREAT. The best part: Breeze teaches a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable. I've stayed in shape with Breeze's guidance and motivation for three years. Evidence of her "Wake up. Rock it." philosophy can be seen in almost every aspect of my family's daily life. All five of us are more active and eating healthier. Breeze is WAY more than a trainer. She's a lifestyle coach who can help bring out your very best,

~Kris Crocker

Victoria Karschney | Breeze Kenny testimonials Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat. best fitness and healthy living advice spokane, WA

Breeze is so much more than a personal trainer. Other than her prevalence as a health advocate and spokeswoman for Spokane, she’s an amazing parent and entrepreneur—a powerful role model for all of her clients. She approaches training with the mindset of a life coach so I can apply her advice to goals beyond the scope of health and exercise. Her positivity and passion for her work inspires me everyday!

~Victoria Karschney

Kjerstin Bell | Breeze Kenny testimonials Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat. best fitness and healthy living advice spokane, WA

Breeze is the best thing to happen to new Moms! I gained nearly 50 pounds during pregnancy. Working with Breeze not only gave me the confidence to feel comfortable in my new body ... but encouraged me to loose weight, get strong, and have the confidence to make healthy choices!

~Kjerstin Bell

Megan VanStone | Breeze Kenny reviews and testimonials Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat.

After the birth of my second baby I was having a hard time losing the baby weight and finding time to workout. I was introduced to Breeze and instantly felt a connection to her..... I could not have reached my goals without her.

~Megan VanStone

Jayna Ashlock | Breeze Kenny reviews and testimonials Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat.

Breeze truly understands the working woman, the mom, and those like me that just need that extra daily or weekly push....There is no one in Spokane who can compare to her dedication to the success of her clients, her willingness to provide a purely individualized workout and her ability to continue to challenge her clients in a way that is fun, engaging, and entertaining.

~Jayna Ashlock

Scott Brockway Breeze Kenny Testimonial Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat.

Breeze Kenny is an essential part of my health team....As I am a frequent traveler, she has helped me design and maintain healthy habits on the road. I could not imagine succeeding at anything, work or play, without the wellness that working with Breeze brings.

~Scott Brockway

Kevin Rasler | Breeze Kenny reviews and testimonials Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat.

Breeze has been a constant source of inspiration, instruction and enthusiasm that has kept me living her wellness philosophy. As a mentor and coach, Ms. Kenny brings change more like a Hurricane than a Breeze.

~Kevin Rasler

Breeze Kenny client testimonial Nicole Mischke

Breeze has a level of passion for what she does and compassion for the clients she works with that is rare! She's not just a trainer to get a paycheck and keep herself fit... she is doing this this because at her core she desires a healthy, happy lifestyle for all.

~Nichole Mischke

Breeze Kenny client testimonial Chelsea Nenno Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat.

Breeze fiercely lives out what she preaches, inspires me, and gives me the resources I need to be successful in reaching my own goals! Because of her enthusiasm for my personal success I have found that I am 100% more apt to do what she asks of me than any trainer, friend or coach I've had in the past. I didn't know what I was missing until I met Breeze and now she is a vital part of my life!

~Chelsea Nenno

Breeze Kenny client testimonial Danette Driscoll Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat.

No two workouts are ever the same with Breeze! I don't get bored, and my body never knows what to expect. One day we're toning muscles, the next we're tightening up my core, and we've even worked on fast-twitch footwork. I never thought I would be able to workout as hard as I do with Breeze, but she believed in me, and now I believe in myself.

~Danette Driscoll

Breeze Kenny client testimonial Christina Duncan Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat.

Breeze is one of a kind! She truly understands what it's like to be a busy, working parent, and she walks you through ways to incorporate healthy habits into a professional's hectic lifestyle. She is committed not just to your physical health, but your overall happiness and well being!

~Christina Duncan

Breeze Kenny client testimonials Jeff Bell Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat.

Breeze Kenny is my hero. For the past 6 years, Breeze has successfully managed to keep my mind and body in shape with personalized workouts aimed at my specific fitness goals. Whether I’m training for an Ironman, bike tour or rehabbing a minor injury, Breeze has the experience and wisdom to keep me going. It’s exciting to see how her business is growing so others can learn and enjoy the experience as much as I have.

~Jeff Bell

Breeze Kenny Client Testimonials Leslie Lowe Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat.

After having Breeze on our morning show, I couldn't wait to Wake Up and Rock It!! It's not easy staying motivated when you work the early morning shift, but Breeze made me look forward to getting my booty kicked with workouts that I feel for days. I look better on the air, and I FEEL better off the air thanks to BREEZE.

~Leslie Lowe

Breeze Kenny client testimonial Shannon Morscheck Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat.

Breeze is that person that you can always count on to be upbeat, motivating, and able to put a smile on your face.  She's one of the most driven people I know, and that inspires me to accomplish my goals!

~Shannon Morscheck

Breeze Kenny client testimonials Nadine Woodward Wake Up. Rock It.

Don't let her name fool you. Workouts are not a 'breeze' with Ms. Kenny. They are challenging, but fun. And, you will see results! Breeze will not only motivate and inspire you... she'll push you beyond what you could ever push yourself... and her enthusiasm is contagious! I highly recommend her!!!

~Nadine Woodward

User Default | Breeze Kenny reviews and testimonials Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat.

My first meeting with Breeze was one that left a lasting impression inspiring my heart with her passion to share her talents and gifts with others supporting them at every turn to reach their goals. Breeze has a style that is her own - she is a combination of calculated intentional effort with the confidence to instill in you and others that she's "Got you" and will be with you every step of the way.

I had the pleasure to train with her and it was exciting and I will admit - intimidating at first. That intimidation quickly melted away as she explains and prepares you for every part of a routine with incredibly easy explanation and support making you feel like you were spent but reaching goals you never imagined.

I would highly recommend Breeze Kenny for the person looking to reach goals, grow in strength, and achieve a better life with health and fitness under her loving gaze - Breeze is outstanding and a great partner for anyone who is looking for results!

~Katherine Morgan

Breeze Kenny client testimonial Terry Gurno | Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat.

Breeze Kenny is one of the most inspiring and motivating trainers I have ever met. Her knowledge of nutrition and exercise combined with her practical approach to changing your life beginning with your mindset, habits and choices is refreshing and lasting. If you’re looking for true life change and transformation Breeze is the right person to partner with and her membership is the best investment you’ll make in the next 12 months.

~Terry Gurno
Arthur | Speaker | Trainer | Coach

Megan Ashlock testimonial, Breeze Kenny, Wake Up. Rock It. Repeat.

I lost my nephew recently, and I was so numb with pain, I struggled just to get out of bed. Breeze came to the rescue. She encouraged me to start moving. She got me into running, which became a saving grace to me. Working out with Breeze helped me process such a tragic and devastating loss. Breeze's believes in her clients, and when someone believes that strongly in you, you can begin to believe in yourself.

~Megan Ashlock